Little Flowers has two Federal/State Funded, Free Pre K-3 and 4 classrooms. Prekindergarten is a program for four-year-old children who are from families that are economically disadvantaged or homeless. The overall goal of prekindergarten is to provide learning experiences to help children develop and maintain the basic skills necessary to be successful in school. The Prekindergarten program provides appropriate experiences that address the needs of young children in the areas of language and literacy, mathematics, social foundations, science, social studies, fine arts, and physical well-being and motor development.

Our Pre-K 4 classrooms use the Children Study Their World (CSW) curriculum. CSW is an early childhood curriculum for 4-year-olds, based on principles of project-based inquiry and driven by evidence-based practices that build teacher capacity and support successful implementation. It consists of eight interdisciplinary, content-rich projects that build upon children’s knowledge and increase in complexity. Each project supports children’s common understanding of a topic and nurtures their innate sense of curiosity and discovery about their world. CSW was created by the Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention at the University of Maryland. Funding for CSW was provided through a grant from the Maryland State Department of Education.

Pre K-3 classrooms use The Creative Curriculum® is research-based and supports the development of the whole child. High-quality, comprehensive resources empower educators to intentionally teach and care for our youngest learners during the most critical and formative years of development.